12 Week After-School Program with Girls Learning Code

Every Tuesday for 12 weeks, Toronto’s most creative and imaginative kids were invited to join Girls Learning Code for an after-school program full of video games creation. Individually or in small groups, girls leveraged technology to brainstorm, research, prototype and build a game with purpose. Through hands-on project-based learning, the girls were be encouraged to think outside the box and work alongside supportive lead instructors and mentors to make their ideas come to life.

As the lead instructor for this program, I feel so excited and honoured to be a part of the journey that these girls are undertaking. Not only are they building games from scratch, they are exercising important skill-sets such as: collaboration, iterative design, giving constructive feedback and feeling proud of their passions -- amongst many other things!

Each week these girls open up just a bit more and I get to see their ideas flow first hand. They are so creative and smart, and uber lucky to have this incredible outlet that is being provided by Girls Learning Code!

    Week 1-4

  • Game concept mind-mapping
  • Played a TON of games
  • Game Design Documents
  • Concept sketches
  • Paper prototyping

    Week 5-8

  • Sprite creation in Pixlr
  • Diving into GameSalad
  • Code basic player functions
  • Add variables
  • Win/lose game states

    Week 9-12

  • Personalize the game
  • Beta testing
  • Re-iterate based on feedback
  • Final touches!
  • Demoes