National Learn to Code Day

Full Day Introduction to HTML/CSS with Kids Learning Code

I lead the workshop for 2014's National Learn to Code Day for Toronto's youth (9-12 year olds) at Mozilla offices. The day was a total success and I am happy to say that 30+ kids left that day with websites made from scratch and really happy faces!

The day was filled with lots of questions, ah-ha moments, playfulness, and of course... accomplishments!

We covered everything from good web design vs. bad web design, to learning HTML tags -- and then styling it all with CSS! I am so impressed with the kids at this workshop. They were so excited and motivated to learn how to code, that is made my job so much easier to get them pumped about building websites.

The kids were challenged to work together to organize a whole bunch of HTML tags into a structured HTML document! They did it in less than 3 minutes - well done!!