Brittney does GDC

The Anticipation When I had first been offered an all-access pass by my friends at DMG (Dames Making Games Toronto), I was beyond ecstatic. It almost didn’t feel real. I was going to an event that I had been dreaming about for 10 years. Having the pass covered made it accessible and made my trip […]

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Ad Hoctober DMG Game Jam

Just coming off a fun & intense weekend of jamming at Bento Miso for DMG’s (Dames Making Games) October game jam. I feel so lucky to have worked with such talented people; Lee Tran, our amazing programmer (and also my fellow co-worker at Good World Games) and Kim Koronya, our super talented artist. Though the […]

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Getting Out There

I told myself that 2014 would be a year of getting myself out there. Meeting new, awesome people in the game dev community Participating in game jams (1 down!) Attending socials (Torontaru!) Frequenting more game-related events (Fancy Video Game Party @ AGO & Vector Fest @ Bento Miso) Heading into February… I’ve already plunged head […]

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