Party Like It’s 19 #TOJam9











The weekend I had anticipated for a few months has come and gone in a whirlwind! With over 450+ participants, this has been the most awesome and intense game jam I’ve ever been a part of! Our uber talented team of 4 worked relentlessly (especially¬†Ben, our programmer, who barely slept at all in the 48 hour period).

Beth created the beautiful pixel art assets for the characters, plants and animals. She created super cute characters that brought us all back to the good ol’ tamogotchi days. Kim, even with a baby attached to her, whipped up some beautiful game backgrounds for each of the environment biomes. Ben kicked major butt in getting the whole game created and ready for consumption. I can’t say enough about how hard he worked to make sure we finished and I’m super proud of him and the entire team!

What did I do you might ask? Well, a lot of my work happened pre-jam in concept design, fleshing out the game systems, altering the scope, pumping out a wicked GDD and game flow mockup. I also did all the fun User Interface elements you see & interact with on the evolution screens.

The whole weekend was such a blast! From designing and getting team tshirts done, running around seeing what friends are working on, to eating (constantly) and keeping energy levels up — it has gone down as one of the best weekends of the year so far!

Play the game here!

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