A Very Fancy Video Game Party

It all started friday night as I stepped excitedly into the AGO, joining the other eager party goers waiting for the doors to the Fancy Video Game Party to open.

After getting my ID checked, ticket scanned, coat checked, I was finally able to get down to some serious indie gaming. The first room I checked out took me straight back to my days at OCADU, where psychedelic video that is affected directly by user manipulation (in this case, by some super analogue knobs) was right at home. Beanbag chairs were strewn about, and people quickly got comfortable to enjoy and ponder the curious happenings on the big screens.

Needing an energy boost, I went next door to where Johann Sebastian Joust  (a no-graphics, digitally-enabled playground game designed for motion controllers) was quickly gathering a crowd. I seriously got hooked. I played 11 rounds over the course of the night — and I just couldn’t get enough. I finally got my WIN… and that made everything worth it. Playing Joust with strangers created an interesting gameplay effect. Since they aren’t your friends, the usual behaviour was more cautious, actions more calculated. I can see games ending a LOT faster if played with friends… as my good friend playfully noted “I wouldn’t mind shoving you to win”. How nice eh.

Downstairs, the dance party had commenced! As the DJ (wearing a gas mask right out of Fallout) made the gamers fanatic, people were enjoying indie titles:  The Yawhg by Damian Sommer (Toronto) and Emily Carroll (Stratford), Tenya Wanya Teens by Uvula (San Francisco), Wild Rumpus (London), Venus Patrol (Austin), Nidhogg by Messhof (Los Angeles) & Pole Riders by Bennett Foddy. <— AWESOME (more info on the lineup)



At some point in the night, I managed to have my fun at the Interstellar Selfie Station. With several knobs to tweak, you can mess around with your image for a whiiiiile to perfect it’s interstellar-ness. I got printed stickers to show its awesomeness…now I just need to find a good place to stick ’em.



The night was a blast! I got to meet some wicked people & connect with some familiar faces (probably met you at Torontaru last month). A fabulous event to be had and I can only hope for more like it in the future!



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