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A creative and hard-working professional, Brittney Oberfeld wants to make an impact through games. The games industry is forever changing at incredibly high speeds and she loves the rush of learning something new, expanding her skill set and taking on new projects.

A graduate of The Ontario College of Art & Design (University), Brittney has taken the early education of game design that is only now blossoming in such institutions and applying it to her work. She has been hard-wired to think outside the box, bring meaning to her work & work independently as well as with others to bring an idea to fruition.

Brittney has been a big part of the conceptualization and development process of several iOS & Android mobile/tablet games such as: Charades for good, Guess Charades & Musingo. She has experience in every aspect of the process which makes her a fantastic link between different sectors of the company.

When you cannot find, make.

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